De FL, GY!
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"GY" means the "Glocal You". This means the You of yourself within the common globality as you see it from your local point of view.

Another way to describe the GY context is that every GY is the center of his/her universe within a multiverse agora.


a plegma (from the same greek term, meaning "web") is a complex meshed network of hyperlinks (between intellipages) and interlinks (between data), an interligence.

information is what increases knowledge. Intellition proceeds from syllogisms in making sense from information and knowledge and results in shared "net learning".

connaissance et savoir 
la connaissance s'oublie, le savoir se construit. L'information étend la connaissance, l'intellition procède du savoir. Le challenge est maintenant de traduire ceci en anglais.